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Welcome to the world of Carboreal!

 Missä innovaatio, vastuullisuus sekä hiilikompensaatio
ja hiilikauppa kohtaavat

Where innovation meets responsibility carbon offset and in the field of carbon trading. We are a Finnish company that is dedicated to creating sustainable solutions to the challenges of climate change.


Our mission is to offer companies the opportunity to actively participate in offsetting carbon dioxide emissions, while supporting Finland's unique forest heritage. We use a scientifically developed calculation tool based on nine main factors, ensuring additionality, permanence and verifiability of carbon sequestration.


Our afforestation projects not only promote carbon sequestration, but also increase ecosystem resilience and biodiversity, planting both spruce and pine and preserving naturally occurring hardwoods. Join us on the journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. Explore our services and find out how you can offset your carbon footprint and invest in a sustainable planet with Carboreal.

Trust the power of the Finnish forest and commit to a sustainable future.

Join the climate change solvers with Carboreal

Commit to a cleaner tomorrow

Science-based carbon sequestration

Show that you care, certified accountability

Take an easy step towards carbon-neutral business operations

Taimi Vuolijoella

For investors: Builders of a clean future

Carboreal invites investors to be part of a unique journey towards a more sustainable tomorrow. We are at the forefront of developing innovative carbon compensation and carbon trade solutions that respond to the growing global need to curb climate change. By investing in us, you become part of a visionary movement that not only promotes environmental responsibility, but also offers sustainable economic potential.

Meidän tiimi

Our team

At the heart of Carboreal beats a team of passionate experts, entrepreneurs and innovators. We combine science and nature to build a sustainable future.


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