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Our services:
Responsible carbon compensation and financial management

Carboreal offers comprehensive carbon compensation services designed to reduce the carbon footprint and promote sustainable development. Our expertise enables companies to take concrete actions to curb climate change. Get to know our services and take a step towards a cleaner future.

Why Carboreal?

Commit to a cleaner tomorrow

Experience how a Finnish forest can change the world. Carboreal offers you the opportunity to participate directly in the fight against climate change. Our unique carbon compensation not only neutralizes your carbon footprint, but also supports the diversity and sustainability of forests.

Science-based carbon sequestration

Our innovative calculation tool ensures that each planted tree contributes to carbon sequestration efficiently and reliably. We choose afforestation sites carefully so that we can maximize the positive climate effects.

Show that you care, certified accountability

When you choose Carboreal, you get a certificate that proves emission compensation and demonstrates your commitment to sustainable development. Your company or private contribution is not only an investment in your own carbon neutrality, but also a valuable contribution to our common future.

Take a step towards carbon-neutral business operations

Get to know our services and start your journey towards a carbon-neutral lifestyle today. Carboreal is here to help you make a meaningful difference.

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Our services

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