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The coldest possible climate change

While the global average temperature exceeded the +1.5°C level for the first time in autumn, Finland's teeth are chattering in the grip of record freezing temperatures. Winter in Ostrobothnia started in full force already early in October, and the farmers' plows were left undone. Also, the planting of carboreal carbon sinks ended prematurely due to the really cold weather. Now, right after the turn of the year, historically cold weather has been predicted, there has even been talk of breaking Finland's all-time record of the lowest temperature!

Many people in Finland have therefore questioned the entire climate warming, but this, on the contrary, proves the fact of climate change. Climate experts have been warning all along about the increase in extreme weather events, and now this really shows it! Therefore, we are now doing climate work at full speed, it is needed if we don't want Finland to have to endure long periods of +40°C in summer and -40°C in winter.

Carboreal offers the keys to climate actions for everyone, as an investor or carbon sink customer. Let's fight against record freezing temperatures together.

Antti Kangas

Chairman of the board, Carboreal Oy

Member of the Finnish Parliament


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